Trainee Conveyancers

Our Trainee Conveyancer courses are different from traditional academic pathways. Conveyancing Academy Apprentice Trainee Conveyancers are able to develop their skills and gain professional qualifications whilst working in a Legal Practice.

Our specialist conveyancing courses provide the knowledge, skills and understanding required to become a fully proficient Conveyancer within 6 to 12 months.

Our Trainees work in renumerated employment in a legal practice and we provide a structured programme of training and assessment to develop Trainee Conveyancers into competent and qualified professionals quickly and effectively.

Student Assessment

Student knowledge is tested by exams and assignments that take place both during and at the end of the apprenticeship. “Conveyancing competencies” - how well the student can apply the knowledge and skills learnt in a Conveyancing environment - will be tested and displayed through a portfolio of evidence that each student will work towards throughout their apprenticeship.

Students will learn every day, on the job, with assistance from the employer. The core area of academic legal knowledge is available through our online courses, with each student supported through the courses by a dedicated Conveyancing Academy Tutor. We work with the student and the employer to ensure that the students are able to demonstrate a level of practical and academic competence to successfully complete the apprenticeship “end-point assessment”.

Throughout the apprenticeship, students will be assessed on their knowledge of conveyancing law and practice as well essential skills and behaviours through key areas of practical Conveyancing competence. Most students require an average of 12 – 18 months to complete each section of two apprenticeship courses to qualification as Licensed Conveyancers.

Why Choose us?

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Simplicity & Efficiency

Delegates can train individually or in groups, with automatic online grading, certification and course tracking facilities. No need to waste precious working time travelling to training sessions. Quality training from experienced specialists, delivered online.

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Our courses are delivered remotely, with no additional software required to buy, install or learn. Our simple, intuitive market-leading academic delivery platform will get your staff up and running quickly, without the need for time-consuming supervision.

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Rigorously Tested Courses

We work closely with leading stakeholders to help develop our conveyancing courses. The result is a rigorously tested training programme that meets the highest standards. Our courses are delivered to suit your schedule and budget.

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Flexible Scheduling

We provide and deliver quality education at your convenience. Our courses are designed to get your staff up to speed in the most practical way possible, as quickly as possible, while causing minimal disruption to day-to-day working and productivity.

Trainee Conveyancer Video Testimonial

“Remote working and SDLT deadlines have been challenging however, as training was delivered online, I had access to all of our materials and learning resources even when we were in lockdown. This meant that all trainees like me were able to continue our training and career progression and refer to our resources whenever we needed to.

Being able to undertake a fantastic course at your own pace before going on the next stage of training is a great opportunity and I wish I had known about it sooner.

Having the power to pace yourself I think really helps people to manage their time and not get overwhelmed. It also gives you a boost and peace of mind to have a training pathway you are effectively in charge of with support at hand when you need it."

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