The Practising Conveyancer Legal Diploma Launches

The Conveyancing Academy launched the most practical conveyancing course in the history of conveyancing in 2020 and we are delighted with it’s success. With the best part of 300 students now enrolled in England and Wales the results of the course have been outstanding.

Legal Practices have been able to train complete novices into Conveyancing fee earners, with their own small caseloads, within 6 months of starting the Legal Diploma in Conveyancing. Within 12 months the Trainee Conveyancers are operating at full speed and with enhanced competencies achieved in Leasehold title transactions.

The academic side of the course is module based, concise and highly relevant to the practicalities of modern day conveyancing. Modules are online and can be completed in just a few weeks, with leading legal practice Convey Law requesting that new recruits complete the academic side of the Practicing Conveyancer Legal Diploma in their own time before they start their first full day at work!

With nearly all non-qualified Conveyancers being self-taught and relying on their practical experience to guide them through their work, the Legal Diploma is an absolute necessity in order to bring them up to speed and to fill gaps in knowledge, quickly and effectively.

We are actively encouraging all non-qualified Conveyancer to access the Legal Diploma as a precursor to the more academic routes to qualification. The Legal Diploma provides a very necessary, concise foundation to ensure due diligence when conveying property and providing legal advice.

The Practising Conveyancer Legal Diploma is also available to Trainee Solicitors whilst undertaking their seat in Conveyancing and is 95% government funded.

Kathryn Jones, Learning and Development Manager at the Conveyancing Academy commented:

“The feedback from Trainee Conveyancers and their training principals to our Legal Diploma has been fantastic. The course brings even experienced non-qualified Conveyancers up to speed on all relevant conveyancing legal requirements quickly and effectively. In the world of Conveyancing the majority of practitioners are self-taught and the Legal Diploma is an excellent course to bring Conveyancers up to speed, add value to their businesses and to increase their confidence in their work. The majority of students are completing the academic online courses very quickly – in just a matter of weeks – whilst working and completing their practical portfolio which can be used and added to as they use our apprenticeship course to full qualification.”

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15th December 2021