The Conveyancing Academy Part of Welsh Government’s Covid-19 Test and Trace Programme

The Convey Group, which includes The Conveyancing Academy, is among the first companies in Wales to have been accepted onto the Welsh Government’s Test and Trace programme to ensure its offices are safe and COVID-free. 

All staff members are required to take regular Lateral Flow Tests – for those in the office full-time, this means twice a week – and for others – before each visit to work. 

Results are reported back through the Government Reporting Service. Anyone testing positive is unable to come to the office and must take a PCR Test to confirm the result or otherwise. They then either self-isolate or return to the office depending on the result. 

Managing Director Lloyd Davies said: “At The Convey Group, we are committed to keeping our workplace effectively COVID-free and to enabling our staff to work in a safe environment. We have spent a lot of time developing policies to enable our staff to come back to work where possible and to protect new starters. 

“Our COVID-19 testing procedure will identify any positive cases of COVID and ensure that those infected self-isolate. 

“We are also committed to the wider Welsh Government effort to tackle COVID by supporting the tracking of any virus outbreaks and potential new variants. 

“As a rapidly growing company working in a fast-paced environment, it is absolutely crucial that we all work hard to ensure we keep our workplace safe.” 

21st May 2021