SLC Forward Thinking Conference 2020 – Training Opportunities in the Conveyancing Industry with Lloyd Davies

Lloyd Davies MD of Convey Law, The Conveyancing Academy and SLC Director introduced the new Level 3 Practising Conveyancer Legal Diploma at the ‘Forward Thinking Conference’ held online by the Society of Licenced Conveyancers (SLC) on Tuesday 13th October.    

The SLC conference engages over 200 Members and non-Members with leading industry Practitioners, Licenced Conveyancers and CILEX Members.  

While the pandemic forced many events to be postponed or cancelled, the SLC Forward Thinking Conference provided the opportunity for Conveyancers to learn and enhance their career prospects while earning CPD points. 

Day one of the event introduced the event host Kate Faulker (owner of Designs on Property), partaking in an informative live chat with Lloyd Davies and Claire Richardson (Deputy Director of Authorisation at CLC). They discussed the current and future state of the training landscape in the Conveyancing industry as well as the challenges it is faced with.  

Claire Richardson encouraged law firms to continue training their staff stating: 

‘’Do not stop identifying candidates and bringing them on board. Technology and innovation have made it so much easier and flexible to study.’’  

During the Q&A the idea of the continuous evolution of the conveyancing industry was reinforced. A range of available Government Funding options for Apprenticeships and Adult Learner Loans were also discussed. 

Lloyd Davies explained: 

“The government is encouraging legal apprenticeships and funding Licensed Conveyancer Diplomas and qualifications. The Level 3 Practicing Conveyancer Legal Diploma has the ability to train and put into employment thousands of Licensed Conveyancers. Now it is the time to identify individuals within your business that require training and upskilling as until the 31st January training is fully funded and will help your business grow.’’ 

The Level 3 Conveyancing Course is the first in the UK and is ideal for Trainee Solicitors and new and unqualified Conveyancers. Academy Courses are delivered online, fully accredited and with 110% Government Funding available in England and Wales until the 31st January 2021. The Academy trains complete novices into qualified Conveyancers in 6 to 12 months who can manage their own caseloads.  

Ollie Drake – Convey Law, described his learning experience: 

“Having the ability to do the course in my own time has really helped me achieve my goal of becoming a Licensed Conveyancer. My Tutor was incredibly supportive, knowledgeable and understanding throughout my study. A massive thank you to the Academy team. I am excited to see what comes next!” 

For more information on the available courses and training options contact the team on: 01633261295.  

15th October 2020