Qualify as a Specialist Conveyancer

We are in the process of developing a Conveyancing Academy Level 6 Apprenticeship Diploma to allow learners to qualify as a Specialist Conveyancer after completion of the Practising Conveyancer Legal Diploma.

Our Apprenticeship offering in this respect is currently under review and we hope to be able to deliver a newly structured Level 6 Specialist Conveyancer Apprenticeship Course at the start of 2023 to provide a highly practical route to qualification.

We believe in training our students on courses that will be of value to them throughout their careers. We are a long way towards creating the course, which is based on feedback from conveyancing training specialists.

Apprentices will be required to complete the Level 3 Practising Conveyancer Legal Diploma prior to accessing the Level 6 Specialist Conveyancer Legal Diploma Apprenticeship.

29th April 2022