Double the size of your conveyancing business in 5 minutes

As the Stamp Duty holiday ends, Managing Director of Convey Law and the Conveyancing Academy Lloyd Davies talks about how training has been crucial to recruiting staff during a difficult time for the industry:

Having worked as a Managing Director of a conveyancing practice for over 25 years I fully appreciate how difficult it is to build a conveyancing business.  Undoubtedly, the most difficult part is recruiting and retaining great Conveyancers.

Great Conveyancers – those that work to best practice protocols, love speaking to their clients and achieve all of their targets – are like gold dust.

At Convey Law, we have struggled like every other conveyancing practice to find and recruit these brilliant people and I have been fortunate enough to work with some of the best Conveyancers in the business – unfortunately, they are a rare breed.

Two years ago we established a training pathway for Conveyancers which enabled us to train complete novices into highly competent Conveyancers within 12 months.  We have recruited graduates and paralegals who want to make a career out of conveyancing and who have client service at their core.

We have grown from 80 to 150 staff in the last 18 months and we are currently recruiting five new star trainee Conveyancers a month!  The secret to our success is no secret and is available to all.  We have adopted and implemented the Conveyancing Academy Level 3 Practising Conveyancer Legal Diploma apprenticeship, which is government-funded and quite brilliant.

All legal practices are eligible for funding to train their existing and new staff on this fantastic Conveyancing Pathway.  We currently have 70 employees on the course at Convey Law, reinforcing best conveyancing practice with experienced and unqualified Conveyancers as well as securing a plethora of new trainee Conveyancers – all trained to the highest standard.

The training for our new Conveyancers continues along the CLC pathway to qualification as Licensed Conveyancers, retaining these wonderful individuals within our business for many years as they train and refine their conveyancing expertise.  The Practising Conveyancer Legal Diploma is also great for training Trainee Solicitors as a seat in their training contract – all government funded and allowing Trainees to fee earn safely and effectively as they work and learn.

The government should be applauded for their apprenticeship schemes with 95% funding available for trainee Conveyancers and Solicitors.  Wales is the best place to train new Conveyancers at the moment with 100% funding available.

I hope that you have learnt how to double or triple the size of your conveyancing business in five minutes?!!

27th October 2021