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Government Funded Apprenticeships 

I am sure that we can all agree that the announcements made in the budget last week will benefit the Conveyancing industry in a very positive way. From an SDLT reduction to an increased budget for apprenticeship training and incentives to employ or enrol new apprentices.

The Conveyancing Academy has secured government funding to deliver the CLC Level 4 and 6 Licensed Conveyancer Apprenticeships. This funding, along with the incentive payments for employing or enrolling new apprentices, means that most legal practices will now be paid to train their trainee Conveyancers! This incentive is only in place for the next 6 months, and so perhaps now is the time to recruit new staff as the market grows and train them free of charge using the government apprenticeship scheme.

110% government funding for all new apprenticeships! The new government scheme provides for a £4,000 for each new apprentice recruited aged under 25 where the contract of employment is for at least 30 hours per week and £2,000 for each new apprentice recruited aged under 25 where the contract of employment is under 30 hours per week.

Payments will be limited to a maximum of ten apprentices per employer. This incentive applies to apprenticeships delivered at Levels 2-5 only.

With the new Apprenticeship provisions in place the Conveyancing Academy are discussing the option of fully funding in house training teams with legal practices of a certain size.

A new Trainee Conveyancer Level 3 Apprenticeship is about to be launched by the Conveyancing Academy, which will allow legal practices to train new staff, from complete novices into competent Conveyancers within 6 – 12 months.

Conveyancing Academy Managing Director, Lloyd Davies commented:

“This is a unique opportunity for our industry, with the government eager to support professional training. We are talking to a number of conveyancing practices about the possibility of placing in house trainers – tutors in their business to oversee apprenticeship training. Existing in house trainers are keen to come on board and enjoy our learning framework and support, whilst legal practices are relieved of the training costs.

“Our in house training Academy at Convey Law has allowed us to train 5 new conveyancers every month for the last 10 months. They learn as they work, with our training courses and auditing regime facilitating their knowledge and enabling them to develop into highly competent and proficient conveyancers within a matter of months.

“We would welcome discussion with legal practices of all sizes to see how we can assist them with their training and business growth development needs at this critical time for our industry.”

For additional information please contact Business Development Manager James Smith at jsmith@conveyancingacademy.com or 
call James on 01633 261294
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The Conveyancing Academy is an accredited Scottish Qualification Authority (SQA) training organisation. We are the accredited training organisation of choice for both the Conveyancing Association and the Society of Licensed Conveyancers. We have worked closely with the Council for Licensed Conveyancers and government in the development and the improvement of Conveyancing apprenticeship programmes.

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* To be eligible for government apprenticeship funding you must be employed in the conveyancing sector in the UK.
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