The Practising Conveyancer Legal Diploma

At the Conveyancing Academy we provide first-class conveyancing training. Our conveyancing courses have been created by experienced, practising conveyancers and are designed to provide a fast, cost effective and practical route to qualification.

The Conveyancing Academy is multi award winning and the only specialist conveyancing training organisation in the UK.

Our training platforms and courses have been recognised as the best in the industry. Our team of expert conveyancing Tutors will help you to learn, develop and qualify to the highest best practice standards, quickly and effectively.

Practical Conveyancer Training

The Practising Conveyancer Legal Diploma Apprenticeship Course is a must for both new and non - qualified Conveyancers as well as for Trainee Solicitors during their training contracts.

The Practising Conveyancing Legal Diploma (PCLD) has developed Trainee Conveyancers, with no previous conveyancing experience, into competent Conveyancers with their own caseloads within 12 -18 months. The course is very practical and delivers tuition on all of the legal and practical skills required to undertake residential conveyancing transactions safely and effectively.

The PCLD Apprenticeship Course meets the Level 3 Legal Apprenticeship Standard and attracts exemption from the CLC Level 4 Technician course. Upon completion of the PCLD students can progress onto the Level 6 Apprenticeship to qualify as a Licensed Conveyancer.

The PCLD Apprenticeship is 95% government funded for Trainee Conveyancers and Solicitors who are in full time employment within a Legal Practice.

Qualify as a Specialist Conveyancer

We are in the process of developing a Conveyancing Academy Level 6 Apprenticeship Diploma to allow learners to qualify as a Specialist Conveyancer after completion of the Practising Conveyancer Legal Diploma.

Our Apprenticeship offering in this respect is currently under review and we hope to be able to deliver a newly structured Level 6 Specialist Conveyancer Apprenticeship Course at the start of 2023 to provide a highly practical route to qualification.

We believe in training our students on courses that will be of value to them throughout their careers. We are a long way towards creating the course, which is based on feedback from conveyancing training specialists.

Apprentices will be required to complete the Level 3 Practising Conveyancer Legal Diploma prior to accessing the Level 6 Specialist Conveyancer Legal Diploma Apprenticeship.

Practising Conveyancer Course Modules

Introduction to Conveyancing

Office Compliance

Regulatory Compliance

The English Legal System

Fee Earning

Professional Conduct & Accounts


All resources can be found online via The Conveyancing Academy online learning platform. The course is delivered online through remote learning where the student will have constant access to all resources, assessment and learning support.

Each student will have a personal 1-1 Tutor who will introduce themselves, the course outline and how they will be assessed. All Tutors are qualified conveyancers who will provide support and feedback throughout the course.

Students will be entitled to 1 hour every 6 weeks of face to face support via Teams however Tutors will provide support when necessary via email, phone or teams meetings.

All assessments are either open book or under exam conditions. Open book assessments will have a submission date where the learner will upload their work to the online learning platform ready for marking.

Exam condition assessments will be done via Microsoft teams where the learner will complete their exam online and upload the answer once the time is up.

Learners are entitled to 20% off the job training time. This does not mean it is 1 day a week of studying during working hours. Any time where the learner is being supervised or in team meetings, training, seminars, workshops – all of this time counts towards their off the job training time.