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A first class foundation and induction course for legal administrators and those looking to start a career in Conveyancing. The 14 module course covers the practicalities required to perform effectively as a conveyancing paralegal. 
  1. An Introduction & Outline of a Conveyancing Transaction
  2. Land Law
  3. Taking Instructions
  4. Proving & Investigating Title
  5. Pre-Contract Enquiries & Searches
  6. Understanding and Interpreting Planning Permission & Building Regulations (including Listed Building Requirements)
  7. Mortgages
  8. Exchange of Contracts
  9. Preparing for Completion
  10. Legal Completion
  11. Post-Completion
  12. Leasehold Titles
  13. New Properties
  14. Contractual Delays & Remedies

Additional Module Information

Module Title Description Brochure
An Introduction and Outline of a Conveyancing Transaction This is the first module in our series which introduces you to a basic conveyancing transaction and highlights the main procedures a Conveyancer will adopt in dealing with the sale or purchase of a freehold title. Download
Land Law Module 2 delves into Land Law, the foundation of conveyancing practice. It will highlight some key elements of Land Law that will be of importance to you as a practising Conveyancer. Download
Taking Instructions This module provides an outline of the important matters to consider when taking instructions from and advising a client at the start of a conveyancing transaction. Download
Proving and Investigating Title This module explores the necessary procedures when investigating and proving title to land. Download
Pre-Contract Enquiries and Searches Module 5 considers what searches and enquiries a conveyancer should be making before a binding contract is concluded in a standard purchase transaction. Download
Understanding and Interpreting Planning Permission and Building Regulations (including Listed Building Requirements) Module 6 provides an outline of the necessary procedures when considering planning permission and building regulations. Download
Mortgages Module 7 provides a synopsis of the tasks required when dealing with a mortgage taken out by a purchaser in a residential conveyancing transaction. Download
Exchange of Contracts This module offers a detailed, step-by-step overview of the exchange of contracts process. Download
Preparing for Completion Module 9 offers an overview of the steps to be taken in a transaction after an exchange of contracts and before completion. Download
Legal Completion This module aims to provide an understanding of how conveyancers effect the completion of a sale and purchase transaction. Download
Post-Completion In this module, we offer a guide to understanding the responsibilities of a conveyancer once completion has been carried out. Download
Leasehold Titles Module 12 provides an overview of basic leasehold titles. Download
New Properties This module sets out the main points of a conveyancing transaction for a new property. Download
Contractual Delays and Remedies In the final module of the Paralegal Course, we identify the remedies available to conveyancers in the event of a breach of contract. Download


How long will the course take?
We anticipate that each module should take delegates approximately 40 minutes to an hour to complete, with a total of 12 – 14 hours required to complete the course. Delegates may complete the course over several days, whilst others will take several months. There is no time limit to completing the course.

How will delegates learn?
Delegates will be given access to our online training platform, which allows delegates to study at a time and place that is convenient for them. Delegates will be instructed to read the module handbook, either online or in its downloadable format, and will then undertake the module assessment online. Delegates will receive an automatic grade for that module once completed.

What certification will delegates receive?
Each delegate that successfully completes the course will receive a Conveyancing Academy Certificate of Achievement.

How can I monitor my delegates?
Each legal practice will be given “Teacher” administrator access to the course, allowing access to view delegate grades and monitor their progress.

Can I test the course first?
Yes. Please complete the request information boxes in the bottom right.

Do Course Costs exclude VAT?
Yes, all Course Costs exclude VAT

Course Key Features

Video Tutorials

Introductory video lectures are provided for each module of the course

Online Handbook

Students receive an online delegate handbook for every module of the course

Additional Resources

All students are provided with relevant materials to further their understanding

Online Assessments 

Assessments can be completed anytime, anywhere, complete with certificates


The Conveyancing Academy is an accredited Scottish Qualification Authority (SQA) training organisation. We are the accredited training organisation of choice for both the Conveyancing Association and the Society of Licensed Conveyancers. We have worked closely with the Council for Licensed Conveyancers and government in the development and the improvement of Conveyancing apprenticeship programmes.

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