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Level 4 Diploma - Conveyancing Technician

The first part of the CLC fully funded government apprenticeship Diploma course for those wishing to qualify as Licensed Conveyancers - exemptions apply for those with degrees in Law. The level 4 Diploma covers the English Legal System, Land Law, Law of Contract, Standard Conveyancing Transaction and Understanding Accounting Procedures.

The Level 4 Conveyancing Technician Apprenticeship is delivered over a minimum of 12 months and will provide students with the necessary academic and practical skills to deal with straightforward conveyancing transactions using the professional values and behaviours of a qualified Conveyancing Technician. This apprenticeship is designed for paralegals and conveyancing assistants who are looking to develop their knowledge and further their career in conveyancing.
  1. English Legal System
  2. Law of Contract
  3. Land Law
  4. Understanding Accounting Procedures
  5. Standard Conveyancing Transactions

Additional Module Information

Module Title Description
English Legal System - Finding the Law
- European Union, its Institutions and the effect of its laws upon the United Kingdom
- The criminal courts and Criminal justice system.
- The Judiciary
- Lay Magistrates (Justice of the Peace).
- Juries
- Tribunals
- Law reform and the Law Commission
- The Legal Profession
- Applying the Law
Law of Contract - Establishing a contract
- The formation of a valid contract
- Consideration
- Intention to create legal relations
- Agreement must be in the correct form
- The contents of a contract
- Possible defects of a contract
- Void and illegal contracts
- Discharge of contracts
- Remedies in the law of contract: the award of damages
Land Law - Land; Some history, the meaning of “land”
- Ownership and Rights over land; Part 1
- Joint ownership of Land and Estoppel
- Ownership of and Rights over land; Part 2
- Mortgages
- Easements and Profits
- Covenants in Freehold Land
- Dealings with Title
- Ownership of Land through adverse possession
Understanding Accounting Procedures - Introduction to accounting procedures
- The accounts code and guidance
- Bookkeeping & Estate Accounts
- Recording basic transactions
- Interest on client’s money and other banking procedures
- Mortgages
- Value added tax
Standard Conveyancing Transactions - Introduction to Instructions
- Pre-contract enquiries and searches
- The Contract Exchange of contracts
- Deducing and Investigating Title
- Preparation for Completion: Post-Contract Matters
and Pre-Contract Completion
- Completion Post Completion
- Various matters
- Remedies


How long does it take to complete the L4 apprenticeship? 
The L4 apprenticeship is delivered over a minimum of 12 months and is usually completed on average in 12 - 16 months.

How is the learner assessed in the L4 apprenticeship?
Of the 5 modules, 4 are assessed by an open book summative assessment and the accounts module is completed under exam conditions via a document upload online. There is then an end-point assessment which is taken in the last 4 months of the course with a 2 hour online scenario based test and a portfolio of evidence along with a professional discussion based on the portfolio.

How are the courses delivered?
All resources can be found online via The Conveyancing Academy online learning platform. The course is delivered online through remote learning where the student will have constant access to all resources, assessment and learning support.

Do the students have access to tutor support?
Each student will have a personal 1-1 tutor who will introduce themselves, the course outline and how they will be assessed. All tutors are qualified conveyancers who will provide support and feedback throughout the course. Students will receive a review with their tutor every 12 weeks.

How are students assessed?
All assessments are either open book or under exam conditions. Open book assessments will have a submission date where the learner will upload their work to the online learning platform ready for marking. Students will be either required to sit their examination under the Supervision of their Principal in their Office (and in accordance with our Invigilation Policy) or will be required to attend our office to sit the examination.

What are the costs of the apprenticeships?
The cost to the business is either 5% or 10% of the total course fee. For businesses with under 50 employees the fee is £450 and for businesses with over 50 employees the fee is £900. The government will fund the remaining course fee to a total of £9000.

Are there exemptions for learners with prior qualifications?
If a learner has completed any prior qualifications such as a Law degree, LLB or CILEX modules they will be exempt from certain modules. Once we have proof of these prior qualifications we can assess and inform which modules need to be completed in order to complete the course.

How much study time are the learners entitled to?
Learners are entitled to 20% off the job training time. This does not mean it is 1 day a week of studying during working hours. Any time where the learner is being supervised or in team meetings, training, seminars, workshops - all of this time counts towards their off the job training time.

If I don't want to take the Apprenticeship route or I only have a specific module to sit can I still study to be a conveyancer with the Conveyancing Academy?
The Academy also offers the Level 4 and Level 6 qualifications as stand-alone diplomas to be studied at your own pace. These modules are individually priced and companies are still able to take advantage of the deferred payment scheme. Please see the online prospectus for more information.

Course Key Features

Video Tutorials

Introductory video lectures are provided for each module of the course

Online Handbook

Students receive an online delegate handbook for every module of the course

Additional Resources

All students are provided with relevant materials to further their understanding

Online Assessments 

Assessments can be completed anytime, anywhere, complete with certificates


The Conveyancing Academy is an accredited Scottish Qualification Authority (SQA) training organisation. We are the accredited training organisation of choice for both the Conveyancing Association and the Society of Licensed Conveyancers. We have worked closely with the Council for Licensed Conveyancers and government in the development and the improvement of Conveyancing apprenticeship programmes.

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* To be eligible for government apprenticeship funding you must be employed in the conveyancing sector in the UK.
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