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Level 3 Diploma - Practising Conveyancer 

The Practising Conveyancer Legal Diploma is a must for any new employee starting out in the conveyancing industry and for any non – qualified Conveyancers or employees who wish to gain a practical legal conveyancing qualification. 

The Practising Conveyancing Legal Diploma will develop new conveyancing staff into competent, fee earning conveyancers within 12 months. The course is practical, engaging and contains all of the legal and practical skills needed to undertake a residential conveyancing transaction efficiently and effectively. 

The mix of academic and legal knowledge, coupled with the practical application of the skills learnt throughout the course, prepares the student to handle their own conveyancing caseload highly effectively. Upon completion of this course the student will be well placed to transition smoothly onto Level 4 Conveyancing Technician and Level 6 Licensed Conveyancer qualifications.

Course Module Titles
The Practising Conveyancer Legal Diploma covers the following 5 key conveyancing aspects:
  1. Office and regulatory compliance modules
  2. The English Legal System
  3. Practising conveyancer induction modules
  4. Practing Conveyancer fee earning modules
  5. Professional conduct and accounts
See additional Module information here.
Course Video
• The first practical conveyancing course in the UK
• 95 – 110% Government Funded
• Covers all aspects of practical conveyancing training
• Ideal for Trainee Solicitors as well as new and unqualified Conveyancers
• A very practical conveyancing course
• Covers all aspects of residential conveyancing
• Tried and tested at the Convey Law Training Academy
• Train complete novices in less than 6 months!
• “King Kong Conveyancers” with their own caseloads in 12 months!
"Having the ability to do the course in my own time has really helped me achieve my goal of becoming a licensed Conveyancer. My Tutor was incredibly supportive, knowledgeable and understanding throughout my study. A massive thank you to the Academy team. I am excited to see what comes next!"   Ollie Drake - Convey Law
Course Delivery
This apprenticeship is delivered remotely over a period of 12 months via our online learning platform. All apprentices will be appointed a qualified personal tutor who will deliver the course to them via teams’ meetings and skype. Tutors will deliver 1 to 1 sessions every 6 weeks with the student and are always on hand to respond to emails and any queries or questions that arise. Throughout the course there are various webinars and videos to deliver module specific content.

The Apprentice is required to follow our programme of structured standards-focussed training through our remote learning environment with the support of their employer. The Apprenticeship must be working in a conveyancing role or seconded to a conveyancing role for a minimum of 6 months.

The apprenticeship is entirely work based learning incorporating a professional portfolio of work to be signed off by the employer/training provider and presented at the EPA. Training is undertaken through a series of audits of definable types of conveyancing transactional work to ensure understanding and competence in simple to moderate conveyancing transactions. The succinct and very practical online training modules will be completed, followed by a multiple choice assessment, with an 80% to pass mark. The EPA consist of 2 scenario based written tests on the English Legal System and Codes of Conduct and Ethics along with a professional discussion with an EPA assessor. All exams and assessments are undertaken online. 

On completion of the course Apprenticeship students will be confident and competent in carrying out the following tasks: 

• Managing data/records & reviewing documents
• Drafting and producing legal documents and standard forms
• Assisting with inception, progress and completion of client files
• Carrying out research
• Handling confidential and sensitive information
• Understand and utilise basic financial information
• Communicating written and orally with internal and external clients

The completion of the Practising Conveyancer Legal Diploma and apprenticeship leads smoothly into the Level 4 Conveyancing Technician or the Level 6 Licensed Conveyancer Diplomas and Apprenticeships.

Additional Module Information

Module Title Description
Office and Regulatory Compliance Modules - Health and Safety in the workplace
- Anti-Money Laundering
- Cyber Crime
- Data Protection
- Equality and Diversity
- Manual Handling and Lifting
- Fire Awareness
- Display Screen Equipment
- Drugs and Alcohols
The English Legal System - Finding the law
- European Union
- The criminal courts and criminal justice system
- The Judiciary
- Lay Magistrates
- Juries
- Tribunals
- Law Reform and Law Commission
- The Legal Profession
- Applying the Law
Practising Conveyancer Induction modules - An Introduction to a Conveyancing Transaction
- Land Law
- Taking Instructions
- Proving Title
- Pre-Contract Enquiries and Searches
- Understanding Planning Permission
- Mortgages
- Exchanging Contracts
- Legal Completion
- Post-Completion
- Leasehold Titles
- Transfers at Undervalue
Practising Conveyancer fee earning modules - Understanding Freehold Title
- Understanding Title Enquiries
- Understanding Unregistered Property
- Understanding Leasehold Title
- Leasehold Management Packs
- Permission and Building regulations
- Search Reports
- Reporting on Mortgage Offers
- Reporting on Indemnity Insurance
- Understanding SDLT
Professional Conduct and Accounts Modules - Professional ethics and codes of conduct
- Regulatory Conveyancing Rules
- Manging Client and Office Accounts
- Preparing and executing Statements of Account


How are the courses delivered?
All resources can be found online via The Conveyancing Academy online learning platform. The course is delivered online through remote learning where the student will have constant access to all resources, assessment and learning support.

Do the students have access to tutor support?
Each student will have a personal 1-1 tutor who will introduce themselves, the course outline and how they will be assessed. All tutors are qualified conveyancers who will provide support and feedback throughout the course. Students will be entitled to 1 hour every 6 weeks of face to face support via Teams however tutors will provide support when necessary via email, phone or teams meetings.

How are students assessed?
All assessments are either open book or under exam conditions. Open book assessments will have a submission date where the learner will upload their work to the online learning platform ready for marking. Exam condition assessments will be done via Microsoft teams where the learner will complete their exam online and upload the answer once the time is up.

How much study time are the learners entitled to?
Learners are entitled to 20% off the job training time. This does not mean it is 1 day a week of studying during working hours. Any time where the learner is being supervised or in team meetings, training, seminars, workshops - all of this time counts towards their off the job training time.

If I don't want to take the Apprenticeship route or I only have a specific module to sit can I still study to be a conveyancer with the Conveyancing Academy?
The Academy also offers the Level 4 and Level 6 qualifications as stand-alone diplomas to be studied at your own pace. These modules are individually priced and companies are still able to take advantage of the deferred payment scheme. Please see the online prospectus for more information.

Course Key Features

Video Tutorials

Introductory video lectures are provided for each module of the course

Online Handbook

Students receive an online delegate handbook for every module of the course

Additional Resources

All students are provided with relevant materials to further their understanding

Online Assessments 

Assessments can be completed anytime, anywhere, complete with certificates


The Conveyancing Academy is an accredited Scottish Qualification Authority (SQA) training organisation. We are the accredited training organisation of choice for both the Conveyancing Association and the Society of Licensed Conveyancers. We have worked closely with the Council for Licensed Conveyancers and government in the development and the improvement of Conveyancing apprenticeship programmes.

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* To be eligible for government apprenticeship funding you must be employed in the conveyancing sector in the UK.
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